If you are tired to manual review an entire webpage before publishing the newly added content, FtpChanges will give you a hand, automatically publishing the latest changes for you.

Very lightweight interface, composed mainly of two tabs and several fill-in fields. The "Settings" tab lets you complete the web page's details, the user credential, and the connection types. The "Publish" tab keeps track of the number of changes that need to get uploaded. After all, information is filled-in, just click publish and the tool will do all the hard work.

Unfortunately, the interface has no "Help" menu for more information about the app, but the developer offers free technical support for interested users or those with possible functional issues.

FtpChanges uploads just the files you’ve changed since the last time you published, providing you some time-off from a boring manual review. For example, FtpChanges is able to grab a single file of a certain type regardless of the filename and upload it to a specific folder on a client's FTP server.

Furthermore, the application supports multiple projects, meaning that you can create more publishing profiles for the same project. Also, you can open multiple program sessions (interfaces) and work on different processes. Five windows easily were opened during the tests.

To sum it up, FtpChanges is a compact file transfer protocol (FTP) tool that automatize the uploading and transferring files and folders process. A handy tool for website owners, tired of working extra hours for a simple page update. This tool only targets the users that own a website or more, as it has no other functions except updating websites using the file transfer protocol.

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