For those who work with advanced algebra, being able to plot advanced functions is a necessity, but one that requires a level of automation. While users can produce a graph by hand, it is unnecessary and time consuming, Function Plotter is a program that can support multiple functions at once and display the results of curve sketching.

Function Plotter offers a very sleek design, it would look perfectly at home on a tablet or touchscreen device with its expandable areas and clean lines. The application is navigated by various expandable areas for each aspect of the program, as well as a side menu that appears onto the screen when used.

While the design is very modern and sleek, it does sacrifice a significant amount of graph space to make the application user friendly. Since most of the areas are featured next to the graph and the expandable menu takes up even more space, the graph seems squashed slightly, there is also no option to give the graph its own tab or page either. A setting to remove or hide any addition options from view, to enlarge and study the graph in detail would be an improvement on the layout.

There are a lot of additional options that make Function Plotter stand out from other, similar programs that provide more versatility for users. The application can support up to three functions at once, as well as functions in three dimensional space, four dimensional space, an integral calculator and derivative calculator.

Function Plotter also includes a useful insert symbol table, allowing users to create any functions and advanced input just by clicking a table, saving users from having to type symbols that are not always apparent on a keyboard. There are multiple coordinate systems supported, from polar to cylindrical, with other options available.

All in all, Function Plotter is a very useful mathematical tool that many will find helpful. There is no shortage of advanced features and options that raise it above other program of its type, yet the inability to enlarge the graph is a setback. If there was an option to provide more space to the graph and less to the options, there would be few, if any real negatives to the application.