The moment you put your digital camera or recording gear down is not the last interaction you will ever have with the photos or videos you took since there are lots of editing tools letting you leave your mark on them.

Once such program is Fused, which lets you blend your pictures and videos as well as apply beautiful effects.

First of all, you need to know that the program, which targets Windows 10 computers exclusively, sports an intuitive and clutter-free user interface that makes all tasks quite straightforward.

In order to start simulating a double-exposure effect, all you need to do is choose a background and foreground. For that, you may employ a picture from your personal collection, an image taken with the webcam, or the collection provided by the program and that features quite a lot of inspiring items.

The next step you need to take is select the blending mode, with a multitude of effects available for you to try out and breathing new life into your images and videos.

Adjustments to the contrast, exposure, and brightness can also be made in order to give you more finesse when trying to induce a particular feel to your project.

What’s more, as far as editing capabilities are concerned, the program enables you to create shapes highlighting a specific area of your image. Rounded, rectangular, triangular forms and more can be found in the library.

Besides, some basic writing tools are included, so you can draw and make annotations in an effortless manner.

When you’re done, you can save your project to your PC either as a PNG or an MP4. Other than that, the Store app even enables you to use your project for your lock screen.

On an ending note, Fused is an approachable piece of software letting you create nice photo and video collages, with a series of effects being put at your disposal, all of them centered around the idea of double exposure.