Fusion is a powerful and reliable animation software solution providing tools dedicated to image compositing and motion graphics. Aiming to meet the requirements of the most demanding designers and 3D artists, it delivers a comprehensive toolset with hundreds of effects and editing functions, which works alongside a robust rendering engine to provide an enhanced experience.

Fusion enables users to take advantage of its feature set and generous effects library while working in a user-friendly environment. Unlike other apps in its category, it doesn't rely on a timeline to help you combine items. Instead, it integrates a node editor that enables you to design complex effect flows comprising images, objects and tools, with easily adjustable parameters.

Thanks to the variate image editing toolset, Fusion gives you the freedom to experiment with colors, hues, masks and effects to generate impressive results. Together with its motion tracking capabilities, deep pixel 3D compositing options and the rich toolbox designed for 3D editing, this makes it possible for you to create photo-realistic effects.

Ensuring real-time rendering and GPU acceleration, Fusion enables you to view the results of your work as you go. To do so, it takes full advantage of the capabilities of your computer's hardware and uses a cache management tool that works without requiring intervention.

The application can import 3D scenes from various 3D modeling applications with flawless geometry creation and no quality loss. It features multi-channel support and integrates 3D shaders, fog and texture management tools, delivering complete control over each item in the scene.

Fusion allows 2D and 3D text creation, background and gradient generating, noise reduction and image processing, bundling a variate collection of filters, effects, masking and keying tools.

The purpose of Fusion is to offer professional and amateur designers an advanced workspace that can serve as an image compositing solution, an animation creator, a 3D editor, a motion graphics tool and a picture retouching tool, all in a single package.

Used wisely, Fusion can help artists and designers deliver astonishing, groundbreaking results in stereoscopic production and the proof lies in the latest famous Hollywood movies.