We always imagined how the future of our universe looks like in 100 years and what type of buildings and cars would run the streets. It might be full of flying vehicles that move through traffic lanes set on multiple levels rising up between the magnificent skyscrapers and the amazing blue sky.

Future City 3D Screensaver​ is here to settle that dispute once and for all.

The high-velocity trains that sail the tracks at a breathtaking height and purple sun's reflection on the glass surface of the buildings complete the futuristic cityscape. Future City 3D Screensaver transfers you in a modern world with flying cars, imposing buildings and real fast trains, which bring that inspiring feeling that you get when thinking of the future.

The setup doesn't take too much time and it's done in the blink of an eye. Once the operation is completed, the configuration window is brought up immediately, so you can examine the screensaver right away. It's recommended, but not mandatory, to check if the computer runs the latest DirectX, as it's required to run smoothly.

The provided interface is simple and intuitive, displaying only a single panel from where you can enable and tweak various functions. It features display and sound controls, along with other various options.

The properties panel lets you preview the 3D recording while the program automatically detects the video adapter and provides several display modes to pick from to properly fit your screen.

You can disable the fullscreen antialiasing, use the mouse gesture to exit the screensaver and change the camera speed. The time can be shown along with the desired time format (12, 24h) and FPS. You have the option to enable the music and adjust its volume. However, you can also enter a custom song.

The bottom line is that Future City 3D Screensaver is an interactive utility, accessible for everyone, which comes with a digital clock, camera movement and high traffic density functions, as well as display and music properties.