future.dj is a simple to use program, with powerful capabilities for rendering, mixing and adding effects to audio / video playlists. The application is a suitable solution for DJs, both amateurs and professionals, since it offers a comprehensive environment, with complex, but easy to use music mixing tools.

future.dj comes as a bundle of tools and audio effects, that you can apply in order to entertain a party atmosphere. Its modern looking interface resembles a DJ’s station, with support for two simultaneous decks and several adjustments buttons. You may control volume, gain, cue, loops and other audio effects for the loaded files.

The equalizer tool is displayed in the shape of a vinyl disc, while the gain and the frequency changers resemble slider wheels. The program supports several cue settings for both song slots and allows you to easily assign various sound effects to each of the loaded files. You may set different BPM effects for the X and Y axes: cutoff, flanger, echo, beat waw, reverb, bit crusher, autopan, delay or tremolo.

future.dj features automatic BPM detection, for each file you load, allowing you to match the parameters for both decks, with just one click. You may also create and play loops in either of the songs, using the loop in/loop out tool.

The comprehensive media library function allows you to easily import files from local folders, as well as add several locations to a favorites list. The program supports playing both audio and video files and features a separate window for rendering the latter.

future.dj allows you to record your mixes and save them in MP3, WAV or AIFF format. Moreover, the video player is a suitable tool for karaoke sessions, allowing you to play lyric videos while adjusting the sound with the supported effects. You may change pitch, add breaks, reverse or scratch to the video playback.