fxRender is a handy Excel add-in that allows you to easily read and publish the formulas from any Excel worksheet. The add-in is designed to provide you with a clear visualization of the terms in a format that can be copied and used in other applications.

It integrates in Excel seamlessly and allows you to configure the output by selecting the image type and the font. You can also use a box for the rendered equation in order to change the background color to white.

There are different methods of formula rendering, each designed to enhance certain parameters. You can choose the cell name if you need to emphasize the terms that are included in the calculation.

The cell reference method displays the location of the cell which comes in handy when you are dealing with complex equations that include a large number of parameters. You can also combine multiple methods by pressing the Control button when generating a formula.

This tool allows you to customize the rendered image in order to match your requirements. Thus, you can add the equation assignment or the measurement units in order to provide more details for the viewer.

fxRender uses a smart method of associating the text cells to the numerical values when rendering the formula. This method attempts to find the most relevant text by searching the same row or column and by associating the text values that are bold. If you want to use a specific field you can add a mathematical operator such as “=” or “