No matter how popular Windows Explorer is, it still has its shortcomings, beginning with its simplistic looks. Fyctory aims to bring a new appearance while preserving necessary functions.

First and foremost, it needs to be mentioned that the only way to enjoy Fyctory is to download and install it from Microsoft Store. In other words, you need to enter your credentials and download a trial version of the software.

The installation runs smoothly, without any intervention on your side, and you can have the app up and running within seconds.

The main window of Fyctory is as user-friendly and intuitive as it can be. All the available drives are neatly displayed and clicking one of these entries shows you some details about them, such as type, file system, and storage space info (total, used, free).

When it comes to exploring the folders on your PC, you can right-click their name to gain access to several operations: Rename, Cut, Copy and Delete. The same functions apply to individual files.

Another thing you can perform using Fyctory is creating a list with the folders you open on a regular basis.You can either stick with the default ones (Documents, Pictures, Video, Music, Downloads) or you can hide those that you do not need.

Moreover, you can add new directories to this list, so you can easily launch them in the future.

All in all, Fyctory can be used as a better looking replacement for Windows Explorer.

It does not bring any new features to the table, you can explore files and folders, you can preview their contents in the dedicated section, and you can hide their extensions, just like you would do in Windows Explorer.