G0RE Video Downloader is a simple, reliable and straightforward software utility worth having when you need to grab video files from specific websites namely kaotic.com, liveleak.com and thesync.com.

These websites let users post and share various videos and place emphasis on current events, politics and reality-based footage such as war scenes, medical surgeries etc.

The main window of G0RE Video Downloader is very intuitive and enables you to add as many video files as you want and since it comes with embedded website hyperlinks, you can easily navigate to one of the three supported webpages.

After accessing the preferred video, simply copy the URL address and paste it into the application’s dedicated field. Then, when you are done, you can download all the videos and preview them inside the installation folder.

What’s more, G0RE Video Downloader grabs a JPG image of the current video so you can preview and share it with your friends.

However, a downside of the application is that it does not provide you with basic downloading options such as setting up the output format, choosing the destination folder path or modifying the output video quality. Still, all the grabbed files have the same video quality and are downloaded in the MP4 format.

All in all, G0RE Video Downloader comes in handy for users who need to quickly download multiple video files from specific websites like liveleak.com, as well as grab thumbnails of the current videos.