Game Show Presenter is a fancy little Flash-based quiz show simulator that allows users to send customized questions to friends and family or to test an audience of people in a fun and creative way.

Designed to simulate a TV quiz show, the program comes with a voice presenter that makes all the important announcements. From the first home screen users can create a new quiz and input all the relevant questions. The overall session will last until the question list is finished by the creator.

Users can create, import, and export scenarios based on TXT files that must contain data written in a special TXT format. The format is automatically built by the program when exporting the quiz, but users can manually create the text and send it to friends to play it using the application. In case more people are to attend your quiz events, the tool can sustain up to ten players or teams at once.

Game Show Presenter also allows testing questions on the fly, with options to back up projects, save them, and so on. In case you plan to bring an audience to your show, users can change the overall resolution to 1024x768 mode, set it to a big event display, and change the quiz text color scheme. In fact, most of the available options are about making your quiz more impressive.

In case the scoring is too limited, users can change the overall score for each round in part and deduct points for wrong answers and timeouts. More limitations for different answers are also available.

Game Show Presenter is a nice little app that allows friends to test themselves in an environment similar to popular TV quiz shows. The main presenter is animated, while the quiz scenarios are easy to build. You may also save and export them for others to enjoy. Although having a limited screen resolution, it's light enough to provide a limited entertainment for those that enjoy this kind of TV shows.