GameGlass is an app that allows you to connect your phone or tablet and have them act as auxiliary gaming peripherals. In doing so, certain commands from a supported game will be displayed on your portable device in the mobile app. After that, you'll be able to port specific commands from that game onto your device. Operations that require more than one input can be transferred over, making you able to trigger them with just one tap.

The connection between your mobile and computer is done through Wi-Fi, so linking them will be automatic if both are logged into the same network. After that, you can boot up your game, along with the app on your mobile, and the interface will then show.

This software is supposed to enrich your gaming experience and heighten the immersion. More than that, the developers aim to untangle the more convoluted controls, turning them into more intuitive, streamlined inputs. Seeing as Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous are the fully integrated games as of now, using your phone or tablet to actuate some commands from those games would certainly improve upon their futuristic atmosphere. The command layout — that appears on your mobile device — also contributes to that with its very modern look.