is a platform which will add a series of features to Microsoft Flight Simulator and revolutionize the way you fly.

The first feature, let's call it a "module" from now on, is the ability to share aircraft over the Internet and/or a LAN. This means that you will be able to fly the big iron with a human co-pilot, who handles all the typical co-pilot tasks for you while you concentrate on your duties as Captain, or Pilot in Command.

Furthermore, if you are an inexperienced Flight Simulator pilot, you will be able to have a human instructor telling you what to do next (in Flight Simulator of course - not in real time!)

FSNet is actually the Platform on top of which we are going to build the Applications. So, for example, until the shared session is completed, you are actually using the FSNet base layer (see the image below).

Once the connection is established and you get the "You are now the PILOT-FLYING" (or any other selected role) screen you are also using the CoPilot application.

FSNet is build on top of the VistaMare Core module, that is the interface between FS and the outside world. It implement the network services allowing you some features impossible even to think until now.


■ Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004


■ 4-hours trial