GEdit Portable is a lightweight application which comes as a simple text editor that you can use to write code or create simple text files and save them on your computer.

GEdit Portable displays a comprehensive graphic user interface that is easy to make out. You get the classic top panel with save, print, undo, cut, copy and other functions, a generous text editing area and the option to toggle a sidebar that contains a list of all the documents that you currently have open.

The application allows you to type text or paste copied content into its editing area, search for words and replace the ones you find, sort lines and bookmark them. You can perform a spell check which underlines the misspelled words but you can also take the feature to full manual mode in which you view one word at a time and change or ignore it.

You don’t have the possibility to choose a different font, add bullets or add any kind of annotations. However, you can use one of the many input methods that the application offers you, such as simple, Amharic, Cedilla, Cyrillic, Thai-Lao and others.

GEdit Portable allows you to highlight the row you are currently on but also provides multiple modes that are specific to certain types of code writing. You can choose between ‘Plain Text’, ‘Sources’, ‘Scripts’, ‘Markup’ and ‘Scientific’ categories, each with a large number of entries.

GEdit Portable makes it possible for you to search for specific words or phrases within your document. While doing so, you can toggle to match cases, opt for a reverse search and replace the ones you find with new words. Moreover, you also have the possibility to use an incremental search that highlights multiple results at the same time.

GEdit Portable is by all means a practical tool that you can use for code writing and because it allows you to open and edit multiple files at the same time, it’s that much more useful if you plan to work with multiple sources.