GEO Spider is a software tool developed specifically to help people check domain names, view information about any IP address and set up alarms.

The installation process does not offer to add other products that are not necessary for the program to work properly, and once you are done with it, you are brought to a modern and minimal interface. It is comprised of a menu bar, several buttons and a few panels to display information regarding the IP you are interested in.

It becomes clear that both beginners and experienced individuals can find their way around it, as long as they have some minimal knowledge of networking.

This software utility requires you to paste an IP address in the appropriately-named box, and click the “Trace” button. It will enable you to view the IP’s location on the world map (political or generic), host name and information pertaining to it. Aside from that, you can also ping the IP address, at a custom time interval and log to file.

Most information can be saved to the hard drive in DOC, HTML, PDF or TXT formats, while it is also possible to set up an alarm which enables you to launch a specified event, play an audio track (WAV), log to a HTML file, and send an e-mail message with a user-input subject, message and address.

To sum up, GEO Spider is an efficient piece of software, which does not put a strain on your computer’s performance. It has a good response time, a user-friendly interface and sufficient options to tinker with. However, it is in dire need of an update.