If you are a photography enthusiast, you probably understand the importance of having specialized software solutions that can help you enhance the quality of your projects or simplify your work.

For instance, you can turn to GeoPhoto Store App, a program that can help you display the location for every photograph you took (if available) on a global map layout.

Deploying this application on your computer can be achieved without significant efforts since you are not needed to perform any additional or complicated configuration steps.

The only required actions are navigating to the product's page on Windows Store and clicking the Install button, since the rest of the process takes place automatically, without your assistance.

You can turn to GeoPhoto Store App if you need to view the geolocation of your photographs in a quick, convenient manner since this application provides you with a map layout and pinpoints the appropriate details on it.

To view their location, you need to import the desired content to the application beforehand. Doing so can be accomplished by navigating to the Options menu and adding your favorite folders to the source list, as the application automatically detects suitable content.

From the main window you can choose your preferred view mode by clicking the Layers button and selecting your favorite mode from the list. It is possible to make a choice between standard map, hybrid, satellite and terrain viewing modes.

More so, it is possible to toggle date filtering from the configuration menu and also define a start and an end date. This helps you exclude certain items' locations from being displayed on your screen.

To wrap it up, GeoPhoto Store App is a handy application that can help you view the capture location of photographs on your computer in an easy manner. It comes with a smooth interface and packs a handful of intuitive functions, which include multiple map view modes and date filter support.