Getzuy is a Download Spider for any type of file, pictures, videos, mp3s, pdfs, Zip archives, or whatever.

The own integrated HTML Analyzing engine follows all left, on the basis of the start address up to an adjustable search depth.

Downloads take place in up to 10 simultaneous multi threaded connections, freely adjustable.

File types and file sizes (of - until) are freely definably, thus can too small or large, as well as desired files be excluded.

To prevent dupes recognized around repeated down load. The Download can be limited to the indicated domain/host.

Getzuy consists of a only one executable file 1,160kb and config.cfg, and can be used thus also by the USB stick.

The listing for downloads is freely adjustable.

A Setup is not compellingly necessarily, however optionally available. For installation only the executable file getzuy.exe is to be copied and optionally config.cfg into a listing of free choice.