Ghostery for Firefox is a useful tool for the users who want to know which websites are tracking their activity while browsing the Internet. By using this add-on you can easily manage the trackers that are allowed on a certain website and control your privacy.

Since most websites use trackers for gathering information about the page visitors, it is rather hard to prevent companies from recording your activity. However, you can use third party tools in order to block some services when you are loading the web page.

Ghostery is a simple but highly efficient tool designed to provide you with information about the trackers present on a certain site. This allows you to check which companies have access to your activity.

Additionally, you have the option to select which trackers you want to block or allow on a certain website. All you need to do is click on the extension’s button and use the switches for enabling certain services.

Since the trackers can change in time, you have the option to whitelist a certain domain by adding it in the Options tab. By default, the add-on replaces the images of the Google+ and Facebook buttons but you can disable this option if you want to remove them altogether.

The tested version included a library of over one thousand trackers which enables you to protect your activity information on most websites. However, you need to select the ones you want to block as they are not selected when you install the extension.

Although the interface is easy to understand, Ghostery displays tutorials immediately after the installation and when you open the popup for the first time. If you are not accustomed with this type of tools, it is recommended to take a couple of minutes and read the instructions.

If you care about the privacy of your online behavior, Ghostery is a great tool for filtering which companies can record your activity.