Ghostery Midnight is the newest member of the Ghostery family designed for desktop. According to the developer, the app is designed to not only work as an ad-blocker, but also as a tracker-blocker and VPN, thus being a complete anti-advertisement suite.

The application comes with a sleek and stylish interface that consists of two main tabs, namely Control Panel and My Application. While in My Applications you can preview all programs that connect to the Internet along with tracker requests seen and blocked, the Control Panel provides a summary of the blocked ads and trackers. You also have the VPN option, which you can toggle on and off as needed.

The highlight of the application stems from the fact that it should be able to block adware from various services and email clients, including Spotify and Outlook. Moreover, the tool supports more browsers, including those for which you cannot install the Ghostery extension.

The idea of the utility is to block first and third-party trackers, an operation that is based on its internal database. The app already includes over 4,500 trackers and it is updated on a daily basis. Consequently, the app can display how many trackers are being detected in your browsers and can show where the trackers originated from.

As previously mentioned, the program comes with a VPN service which is a new feature for the company and also a standard for this type of tools. You can turn this feature on from the Control Panel and choose between one of the six available servers. Therefore, if you are not using a standalone VPN or Opera, this feature may come in handy.

While the tool cannot block all ads associated with online activities, let's not forget that it is still in Beta version. Overall, Ghostery Midnight has the potential to be a full security suite that provides protection against tracking, ads and enables you to surf securely.