If you are not the only user on your computer, then you might have felt like your data is not completely safe. Even if the other user has a separate account, you should still take into consideration a security measure, even if it’s a basic one. GhostVolt Start is a simple app that offers 256-bit encryption, and it’s great for locking a small or medium number of files.

GhostVolt Start exceeds at being simple and straightforward, so any user, no matter their technical skills or experience, can find their way around it. After the installation process is over, you’ll be greeted with a short step-by-step tutorial that explains the entire encryption process.

Regarding the UI, there cannot be a much simpler layout. Its entire construction is based around the preview panel and the lock/unlock buttons. Several buttons were also added to aid with the file loading and selection steps.

As mentioned above, the app offers a couple of buttons for file uploading and selection, but you can oversee them and use the way simpler method of drag and drop. After the items are inside the preview window, make sure you select them all and hit lock.

To complete the encryption process and, at the same time, to prevent yourself from losing access yo your file, make sure you set up a password and remember it. Please note that after you secure the data, you won’t be able to use it as well. To do that, you must unlock it first, by providing the password. A bit complicated, maybe, but better safe than sorry.

GhostVolt Start is a neat tool that provides a good level of protection for your local files. It scores a lot of points regarding its ease-of-use but feels a little bit sluggish if you have to lock and unlock files on a daily basis.