No matter how interesting your website might be, you still need to find something to attract the visitors to its in the first place.

And having a well-placed animation of your logo is bound to make your potential customers interested. GIF Animation Maker For Text - Dancing Letters Pro is one of the apps that can help you design these animations.

The main window of the application is neatly organized, so you can easily discover all the functions you might require.

You need to start by typing or pasting your slogan or your company's name, then take the time to select the font that best suits you.

This process might take some time, since there are numerous fonts to choose from, yet finding the most appropriate one can improve your animation's appeal.

As soon as you settled on a font, you can adjust the text's size and color.

You can also tinker with the formatting (italic, bold, underline, strike-through) and alignment (left, right, cenetr) of the text, to come up with the ideal configuration.

You also get the possibility to add a color background to your text, to help it stand out from the canvas.

When you are fully satisfied with the look of your slogan or headline, you can move on to personalizing the canvas.

You can alter its dimensions, by entering new values for the width and height of the project. You can also add a custom color to be used as the background, or you can load a JPEG or PNG image from your PC.

The final step is to browse the list of available animations, then find the one you like best. Depending on its type, you might be required to choose the colors you want to use, then specify the duration per frame and the number of GIF loops.

All in all, GIF Animation Maker For Text - Dancing Letters Pro can help you design eye-popping logo animations even if you are not a computer expert.