GIF Frame Extractor - Convert GIF to PNG is a neat application that was designed with the sole purpose to transform GIF files to PNG by identifying and separating all frames. If your daily activity includes GIF processing, you can give it a try.

First of all, the UI sport a dark theme that can be appreciated by the users that need to work in a dark environment and also for users with eye sensibility or issues.

Regarding the structure, there is a leading pane where the GIF is going, a preview window with a frame counter and several buttons that complete it. Besides these, there are no other extra functions or combo menus.

To extract the frames from GIF files, first, you need to load and select it. After that, the frame counter will display the total number of images that are going to be created as PNG. Hit ''Split Selected,'' choose the output destination and in a couple of seconds, the PNGs are done. Furthermore, the application supports batch conversion, which means you can load up a large number of GIFs and extract their frames with a single push of a button.

Also, if you want to take out just a single frame or a couple, you can select them from the counter, and the application will extract the desired images — this way the user avoid creating unwanted files.

GIF Frame Extractor - Convert GIF to PNG is a handy tool that aid you in extracting all/specific frames from a GIF file (or more) and convert them to PNG. Its operation is straightforward and requires no technical skill in order to be taken advantage of by any user.