Gif Recorder is a software solution composed of two applications dedicated to creating, editing and capturing short animations. These animations can then be saved as GIF files and shared online.

As mentioned above, Gif Recorder is composed of two independent programs.The first is named Gif Recorder, and it enables users to capture animations straight from their desktop. Running the application brings up its main window. This window is transparent and is situated on top of other windows. It can be resized to various preset or configurable dimensions.

Users can place it on top of an area of their desktop that they wish to record. Clicking the dedicated button starts the recording. When the recording is complete, users can simply press the Stop button to save the animation as a GIF. Users can then view their animation in a browser, start a new recording or open it in Animated Gif Editor.

Animated Gif Editor is the second component of this software package. It enables users to customize and modify the content of their recordings.

Each GIF consists of a series of still frames, played back at a preset speed. This program provides users with access to each of the individual frames of the animation.One can then edit them in their favorite image editor, change the delay between frames or embed them within HTML documents featuring start and stop controls or even audio.The application also provides users with a means to resize GIFs, or convert them to AVI files.

This application provides users with a full-featured software solution designed to capture and edit GIFs, as well as embed them in HTML documents.