If your work mainly revolves around your computer and you take notes on a regular basis, you probably want an efficient way to combine the two as conveniently as possible.

In the situation depicted above, turning to third-party apps such as glimpses can help you achieve the desired effect without significant efforts.

This application comes with a minimalistic, yet effective user interface that packs a handful of intuitive functions, making it easy for you to interact with them without difficulty.

More so, no standard configuration window, menu or pane is provided, nor any integrated form of help documentation, since the purpose of this program is enabling you to create notes as simply as possible.

You can turn to glimpses if you need a quick way to create notes on your computer and organize them efficiently. It is possible to assign them titles, insert images and even add tags so that you can locate them without considerable efforts.

Generating a note can be easily accomplished by clicking the plus-shaped button in the main window and start typing your content in the designated fields. Hitting the camera-shaped button lets you select an image from your computer and insert it into your note. Adding tags can be done by simply typing them in the "Add tags" field.

When you first launch the application, you need to provide it your Dropbox credentials, since all the notes you generate with this program are automatically synced to your Dropbox account.

This program lets you keep track of your notes by displaying them in a calendar so that you can identify them with minimum efforts. You can access this function by browsing to the corresponding section from the side menu.

More so, it is also possible to add notes to your Favorites list. Viewing the contents of the list mentioned above can be easily done by clicking the star-shaped button.

To wrap it up, glimpses is a lightweight application that enables you to generate text notes, assign them titles, insert images, add tags and view them in a calendar layout. It comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that packs a handful of intuitive functions, proving itself to be both accessible and efficient.