Gluco Logger is a handy application designed to help you keep an accurate log of all the daily blood glucose values. The program lets you record and organize each reading chronologically or by the level.

It's wrapped in a modern and easy-to-use interface, structuring the functions in distinct sections, like "New", "Readings", "Journal" and "Taken at list". The app is installed through the Microsoft Store and it's compatible with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. From the settings, you can set the local date, time format and the glucose unit.

To start, simply measure your glucose using a glucometer and type in the date and time, value, the part of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and additional notes. The entries can be viewed in the "Readings" menu and sorted based on the date or value.

Plus, you have the option to export the history to a CSV file anywhere on the computer. The journal adopts a simple look similar to a notebook, where you can write all the issues or feelings you come across during the day.

It would've been nice if the app offered a few options to upload pictures with the encountered problems or provide some emoticons to express the current mood.

The last panel lets you change the predefined categories, such as before/after breakfast, lunch, medication or bed, with custom names, images and a short description. The group can be disabled if it's not necessary anymore.

Taking everything into account, Gluco Logger is a reliable software solution that comes in handy to everyone who needs to log all their glucose levels, record issues they came across during the day or the current mood, and edit the categories to best fit their needs.