Gmail to Outlook Transfer is a user-friendly and effective software solution that you can resort to, should you want to migrate from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook, without having to loose all your contacts and emails.

The application features a very straightforward and accessible user interface, and thus poses minimal trouble in working with it, even if you have never used such a tool before.

The main window of Gmail to Outlook Transfer allows you to define the location of the MBOX file storing all your data, while from the dedicated menus, you can choose the functioning mode and configure other output parameters.

For starters, you need to obtain a copy of your emails from Gmail, which will pack your messages in a MBOX file, then archive it to ZIP format. This precise file will then need to be added into Gmail to Outlook Transfer, by selecting its folder and clicking on ‘Find Storages’.

At this point, the program should successfully identify your file and enable you to opt either for exporting it to an Outlook compatible format (PST), or importing it directly into the email client, to a preferred folder or straight to the Inbox.

The entire process is quite quick and uneventful, as there are very few configuration options for you to make, not being able to select folders or messages that you wish to convert, for instance. However, through this operation, you can ensure that no data is lost and you can carry on working in the email client unrestricted.

All in all, Gmail to Outlook Transfer proves to be a useful and reliable utility that can help you switch from Gmail to Outlook with minimal effort and without having to call in a specialist to help you do it.