Gnome Skin Pack is a collection of powerful applications that can easily transform the look of your Windows 7 operating system into that of Linux’s Gnome.

To do so, the pack installs onto your PC a number of open source applications that have been especially designed to recreate the original look of Gnome. The apps don't need to be installed manually as the main installer for Gnome Skin Pack takes care of all that. It automatically installs all the things you need to change the aspect of the operating system.

The installation process is the classic one, in which you simply click “Next”. Gnome Skin Pack installs cursors, wallpapers, fonts and applications such as RocketDock and SmartFlip amongst others of course. In case you want to install only certain applications, the installer allows you at some point to choose the ones you’re interested in, although in doing so you can affect the proper functionality and aspect that the pack offers.

After the installation is complete, all it takes is a system reboot to apply the changes. Depending on your hardware configuration and the fact that the theme comes with a substantial amount of changes, it’s only normal that at startup you experience some delay until all the components load.

The first thing you notice is that the taskbar is now on the top side of the screen and that a docking bar is placed on the left side. It comes with preplaced icons that grant you quick access to the browser, drives, desktop, Control Panel and various applications.

Another thing that certainly catches your attention is the fine detail put into the new fonts and graphic elements, as well as the subtle animations and shadowing effects that are present throughout the theme.

In closing, if you’re looking to change the visual style of your Windows 7 operating system, then you should definitely try out Gnome Skin Pack.