GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus is a reliable organizer and project management dashboard which allows you to easily set up tasks or priorities. The application enables you to visualize the project evolution, prioritize ideas and store files, emails or important URLs. Moreover, it can generate statistical charts for periodical assessment.

GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus offers you a graphic environment in which to build the structure of your project and indicate the required steps. The software offers you a dashboard in which all the tasks are represented as spheres, linked to the main goal.

Other view modes are the Gantt representation, and the outline view mode. All methods feature color codes for specific stages of achieving the goals. Thus, green indicates a completed task, yellow requires your attention, red signifies an overdue task; blue represents an ongoing project and grey is a future task.

A multi-level graphic scheme indicates the primary goal and the tasks that derive from it. This way, you can easily monitor their progress and priority, as well as modify them as you evolve through the project stages.

The main project is represented by a dark blue sphere, while the goals and subgoals expand from it. You may easily add new tasks using the buttons at the top and configure them by right clicking on the sphere. Alternatively, you may add quick tasks using the Brainstorm editor.

The Hyperfocus zone highlights urgent tasks that must be fulfilled in a short time. The program also offers you a countdown tool, that can start from several hours, as well as generate statistical charts for periodical evaluation.

GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus is a simple to use tool that can help you set up a scheme for your project, highlight the long and short term goals, as well as mark priorities. The status report contains all the dates and progress indicators for each of the tasks. Moreover, you can attach files, URLs, folders or email addresses to each task.