Audio effects can be used to reshape your music any way you want to. In fact, most sounds in today’s electronic music are achieved through serious modulation. Even though any digital audio workstation that you work with will have its set of useful effects, when you want to improve your sound design creatively, you could employ a few external plugins.

Usually, effect plugins are dedicated to creating a single powerful effect, but some are designed with more versatility. One such example is Godfazer from D16 Audio; while its interface is compact, each of its sections have multiple functions.

The Ensemble section features 22 effects; most of them are variations of the chorus effect, but you can also find a tremolo, an auto-panning effect, and a few rotary speaker emulations. The second section is called Multi Filter and actually features two modules where you can add various filters, EQs or phasers. The third section is called Modulator; it comes with two modulation blocks that can be either a constant modifier, an LFO, a peak follower, or a step sequencer.

All these sections can be routed differently, and you can also use many of the plugin’s presets in order to achieve the sounds you need for your musical productions.