Gogo DVD to Flv Converter is the easiest-to-use and fastest DVD to Flv flash converter software. It is also powerful DVD rip software which helps you convert DVD to flv flash Video format format , put DVD on website with great quality.

With very simple settings, the software convert FLV file super easily and fast! Own this software to get a perfect and professional FLV or SWF Flash files for the internet!

Using Gogo DVD to Flv Converter you will be able to convert whole DVD, or split DVD and turn it into flv format.

Here are some key features of "Gogo DVD to Flv Converter":

■ Rip DVD to flv flash format with Faster speeds , convert DVD to flv directly. Just one step, direct convert DVD to flv

■ Split DVD function ,you can convert any segment of DVD.

■ High quality video in flv mp3 format.

■ Allows you to select target subtitle and audio track;

■ Supports preview. You can see the ripping progress in preview window;

■ Optimized for P4,AMD - Encoding optimized for P4,AMD,AMD64

■ Support different DVD type - Both NTSC, PAL are supported

■ Great Quality - Got smaller file with almost the same quality

■ Sub Titles Settings: Language, Text Offset, Original Colors

■ Codec Settings: Audio and Video Bitrate Frame rate settings

■ Export Settings: Resolution, Aspect, Resize Filter, Render, Frames


■ CPU: at least PIII 450 or compatible

■ RAM: 32M

■ Disk Space:750M

■ Other software: DivX (optional)


■ 5 minutes conversion limit