Golasso Timer addresses a small group of users that are on the lookout for an application software to help them quickly and easily create timers for various exams or debates.

With Golasso Timer, you are handed a computer program that allows for little customization, while packing all the basic options and functions it needs to. Timers have a pretty short history compared to other innovations, being only introduced back in 1926. The first timer was, indeed a kitchen mechanical timer that can also be found integrated in various appliances to date.

Until the invention of the electronic timers, the electromechanical timers have been around for quite a few years, providing the bridge between the first wave and the third one. Inspired by the hardware timers, programmers have rapidly developed software counterparts and thus, the category has been established.

Golasso Timer is a software timer, one that packs a rather simplistic graphical user interface. Firstly, when running Golasso Timer, you get to set it up by entering the display title and the reset default timer, selecting the clock size and the number style, choosing whether to run it in full screen or not as well as the buzzer.

This particular piece of software also supplies the hotkey list for you to utilize as soon as you open the timer. You can also choose to operate it using your keyboard or just the mouse. While the level of personalization is not as high as some users might demand, Golasso Timer does provide the mandatory settings.

The bottom line with Golasso Timer is that it does the job pretty well when it comes to simple countdown timers and this can be easily achieved with much more reasonably priced software or with programs that do not have an attached price tag at all. The only big problem with Golasso Timer is that it charges for its services and its real value does not condone such an approach.