Golden World and USA Map Locator Fix Active is a collection of USA and World flash maps.

Here are some key features of "Golden World and USA Map Locator Fix Active":

■ Suitable for Real-Estate, Dealer Maps, Branch Offices Locators

■ Color, URL linking, captions and more. And you can do all these by yourself

■ Intuitive Flash Map Interface

■ Ease of Use

■ Customizations via an XML file, no Flash source modifications required

■ Any settings can be done using external XML file, it allows integrating flash map into any application and dinamically modify information on map easy and fast

■ Compatible with virtually all scripting languages (ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, etc.)

■ Use any language you like to create XML Source and pass it to a Flash object, or simply use an XML file from your server

■ Small file size, 325 kB

■ Size: 450*450 px