Google Earth images downloader is a software utility that can help you obtain offline satellite tile images from Google Earth without installing the popular viewer on your PC. It is a relatively straightforward tool for users who prefer to work with coordinates, and it can export images to several formats.

First of all, it is worth noting that this application is only useful if you already know the coordinates of the areas you are interested in. There are four parameters that are used to define the target region, namely the left and right longitude and the top and bottom latitude.

You can also restrict the number of images that are downloaded at once by limiting the operation to a certain range of zoom levels.

The program enables you to view the downloaded offline maps using one of the included viewing utilities. These are not particularly complex, as they only allow you to zoom in or out.

Once a download job has been completed, you will find that numerous small images are saved in the output folder. You can use the available map combiner to merge these into a single large map. Additionally, it is even possible to export the grabbed images to an SQLite database for RMaps, Oruxmaps or MBtiles.

The instructions that are available in the included user manual should prove to be very helpful, especially for less experienced users.

Unfortunately, it should be said the application’s user interface leaves a lot to be desired, as it is noticeably out of date.

Overall, google earth images downloader is a useful application that provides you with a simple method of obtaining offline Google Earth maps. It is not very difficult to use, but it lacks a preview module and features an outdated UI.