If you want to keep yourself updated on the latest news, you might need a bunch of feeds to follow, ones that tend to your interests better than the plain old newspaper.

Google News Reader is one of the solutions to your situation, as it is the non-official application for Google's famous News service.

Since it's a Windows Store application, the installation process unfolds itself in a timely, tidy manner, since you don't need to take any complicated steps or perform advanced configuration.

You just need to navigate to the app's product page on Windows Store, hit the "Get App" button, and follow the on-screen instructions in order to deploy the app on your PC.

As you might expect, this application is actually a wrapper for Google News and doesn't provide you with any flashy themes, eye-catching animations or anything of the sort.

Once you start it, you'll be prompted to select your preferred region, and after doing so, the news articles will unfold on your screen, letting you explore them seamlessly.

Since the app is a wrapper, it will display the website that hosts the headline you select instead of providing you with a customized feed, so there is no way for you to create a collection of your favorite articles or rate them in any way.

As for additional functions, you can't really do much, as the "Settings" section only lets you choose the default theme, country, and language and the way news are displayed.

All in all, if you want quick access to the Google News service, you can try using Google News Reader. It can be easily installed but doesn't let you save your favorite headlines or interact with them in any way other than reading since it's actually a wrapper.