If you work with numerous images on your computer, you should be aware that unfortunate events might render them inaccessible or unusable.

However, you can prevent these situations by turning to specialized software solutions such as Google Photos Backup which can help you protect your files by backing them up.

Please note that in order to use this application to its full extent, your computer needs to be connected to the Internet and you need to provide it with a valid Google account.

This program comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that makes it possible for numerous users to understand and benefit from its capabilities without significant efforts.

More so, installing it on your PC can be accomplished in an easy manner, since it requires no additional configuration on your part.

Once you launch the application, you need to provide it with a valid Google account. After successfully logging in, you need to choose the files you want to backup by either ticking the items that are already on the list or adding your own sources by clicking the Add Folder button.

You also need to select your desired photo size by clicking the corresponding radio button according to your needs. It is possible to choose between High Quality (compressed) and Original (full resolution) modes.

Clicking the system tray icon displays a context menu that you can use to pause the backup process view the uploaded content, navigate to the Google Photos web service or access the Settings menu.

It is possible to configure a few parameters, such as toggling backup sources, managing connected devices, organizing desktop folders, choosing the default photo size and enabling RAW image upload.

All things considered, Google Photos Backup is a lightweight application that lets you protect your photos by backing them up to your Google account. It can be easily installed on your computer, comes with a user-friendly interface, packs a handful of intuitive functions and provides you with a handy configuration menu.