A reliable VPN service comes in handy when you want to protect your online identity by changing your IP address, tricking websites into thinking that you are located elsewhere. Another reason why you might need it is to bypass geographical restrictions some webpages impose. One of the alternatives you can choose from is GOOSE VPN.

The desktop client of GOOSE VPN enables you to select a target location and toggle the connection on, which results in your entire traffic being rerouted through the chosen VPN server.

To get the best results and ensure connection speed, you should select one of the locations that have high signal strength. Usually, these countries are in the proximity of your real location. GOOSE VPN also displays a map to show you your old and your new location.

To change your IP address, you simply have to press the "ON" button within the main window. Once the connection is established, GOOSE VPN displays a message stating that your Internet connection is secured. Moreover, you will be able to see your new IP address within the main window alongside the old one. To check that the VPN connection works as it should, you can use a dedicated online service to find out what your current IP address is.

By default, GOOSE VPN is configured to choose the best protocol to use for your device and the chosen server, but you can also select the protocol manually in the "Settings" window.

GOOSE VPN's desktop client is easy to use and allows one-click access to the online VPN service to help you conceal your online identity and reroute your traffic to secure your connection.