GPSMap displays your position on a user-uploaded maps using a Bluetooth-capable GPS receiver.

With GPSMap, you will be able to use your own maps to display your position, using a Bluetooth-capable GPS receiver.

Here are some key features of "GPSMap":

■ displays location on a map or displays latitude/longitude;

■ add, remove maps;

■ calibrate maps manually or importing from OziExplorer;

■ phone standby mode can be switched off;

■ GPS device identifier may be stored (no need to set it up);

■ connection to the GPS device is restored automatically.


■ in GIF or JPG format;

■ do not use too large maps, e.g. above 1000x1000 pixel, because the loading of the images will be slowed down, use several maps if large are should be covered;

■ North should be upward on the map.