Graboid Video is a lightweight and intuitive piece of software developed to provide you with an easy means of finding your favorite movies or series and save them to your PC, in order to watch them later, in the comfort of your own home.

The program goes through a regular installation procedure, after which you can begin working with it. The main window of Graboid Video displays a list of popular videos 'Today', 'This Week', 'This Month' and 'All Time', enabling you to browse through the listings and find something you would like to watch.

For each movie, you are offered information about the format of the file, the quality, size and language. Additionally, Graboid Video can sort the videos into several categories, so you can find the one you want more easily. The main groups are 'Movies', 'HD Movies', 'TV Shows', 'HD TV Shows'.

Each group comprises several sections, such as 'Action', 'Adventure', 'Comedy', 'Crime', 'Documentary', 'Fantasy', 'Horror', 'Mystery', 'Romantic', 'Science Fiction', 'Thriller' and many others.

However, if you do not feel like browsing through the countless pages of available videos and movies, you can simply use the 'Search' function and input a keyword based on which Graboid Video will retrieve corresponding results and allow you to download the one you like.

Moreover, on condition that you create an account using your email address, you can set up 'Alerts' and be notified when a movie matching your criteria will be listed. This way, you can grab it right away and watch it, without wasting another minute.

To conclude, Graboid Video is an efficient and very useful application that can spare you from a lot of effort by providing you with access to an extensive database of downloadable movies, so you can enjoy your favorite films with just a few clicks of your mouse.