Grade Synergy is a simple to use software solution that offers you the possibility to move the grades from various assessment tools to your grade book.

The installation process runs smooth and fast, not bringing any surprises, so in no time you can use the application. The interface is simple, intuitive and displays a few tips on how you should use the features this utility offers you.

What's more, you can select from various copy speeds, such as very slow, slow, medium, fast or very fast.

After that, you can use the dedicated keyboard shortcuts so data will be transferred to your grade book.

The utility enables you to avoid manually entering grades and prevents you making mistakes during those operations by automatizing the process. Now, all you have to do is to choose the grades you want to move, copy them, and open your grade book so you can paste the data.

After you copied the grades, select the desired row in the book and then, with the help of keyboard shortcuts, you can move the information.

In the end you just have to take a look at the data and ensure that everything is in order and the grades were moved correspondingly in the book to their owners.

To sum things up, Grade Synergy, with its clean interface, offers you a simple method of moving multiple grades from assessment utilities to your grade book.