Grandma's Calendar is a very lightweight and easy to handle piece of software that was designed specifically for people with poor computer skills, its main purpose being to help you keep track of all your upcoming events, for as much as five years in the future.

The application displays a very basic interface, enumerating the calendar dates and allowing you to navigate between them using your keyboard buttons.

In the lower section of the main window, it informs you which are the main functions of Grandma's Calendar and how to access them, with the corresponding keys.

The program lets you move around the calendar by means of the ‘Up’, ‘Down’, ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ arrows, while in order to add a new note, you just need to hit the ‘Enter’ key, when reaching the proper date and input your reminder. The dedicates window features three field, each with a fifteen character limit.

Grandma's Calendar lets you enter messages, anniversaries and birthdays for as much as five years in the future, thus making sure that you do not forget about them. It can also serve as a daily planner, but it only allows you to add a limited quantity of information, so you might need to resort to a few keywords that will jog your memory about the day in question.

Using the F2 key, you can view the previous year, while F3 displays the next one. Moreover, you can view a basic calendar, by pressing the F4 button, enabling you to calculate your vacation days, for instance. Aside from this however, it offers no other functions or tools, nor does it let you customize its looks or functioning preferences.

To conclude, Grandma's Calendar is intended to work as an exceedingly simple event planner, and it focuses mainly on individuals without too much computer experience, in the purpose of helping you remember birthdays or other similar occasions.