The school teaches us how to do basic mathematical calculations, which can help in the future, or see if the change we got while shopping is correct. However, to make more complicated equations can prove to be quite difficult and time-consuming, if you don't hold the necessary information.

As a solution to these issues, were developed various programs, more sophisticated than others, that offer standard options to aid you with the homework, school projects, or other more important assignments. Graph Touch for Windows 8, 8.1, 10 is a modern and intuitive application designed to provide a professional way to make arithmetical and trigonometric operations, and generate derivate and integrates.

It's wrapped in an approachable and user-friendly layout that displays a large calculator with all the functions positioned around the numbers, while the result is shown on the left side of the panel. The values can be quickly inserted using the Numpad.

In addition to the basic calculations, the app can handle trigonometric and derivate equations, PI, E, square root, exponential, and logarithm. It's possible to copy and paste the results into your homework or projects, with minimum effort. Right-clicking on the panel brings up a basic menu, where you can access the graph, and do complex derivate and integrate.

It would have been a plus if the tool let you sync the data with a private account, and save the graphical representation to one of the commonly used image formats. Plus, there are no settings you can configure, like the visual look of the utility, or additional properties related to the calculator.

Taking everything into consideration, Graph Touch is a reliable and accessible program created to provide a simple way to do elementary and more complicated operations, and determine various equations.