It is quite challenging to keep your computer organized when storing large numbers of documents, photos, songs or other types of files. Duplicates are common, and getting rid of them is not particularly easy.

Gremea Duplicate Finder is a handy utility designed to help you out in this situation. It can locate identical files that are stored in more than one place on your PC, and it then allows you to delete them safely.

One thing is clear from the start – Gremea Duplicate Finder is designed to provide users with a simple, no-nonsense cleaning solution, without complicating matters unnecessarily. It features a minimalistic UI, and its clear layout should make it easier for first-time users to get the hang of things.

However, even though a basic duplicate scan can be configured without too much trouble, it would have been great if the process of setting up filters were documented, as some users may find it to be somewhat confusing.

Once you have added all the folders that need to be analyzed, you also have the option of limiting the scan to certain file types. Unfortunately, though, these settings cannot be saved for future sessions.

The application organizes duplicate items into groups and displays their location, size and creation date. However, the program cannot mark files for removal automatically.

It is also worth noting that the scanning parameters cannot be customized in any way, which means it is not possible to alter the rules used by the software to determine whether or not two files are identical.

All in all, Gremea Duplicate Finder is a relatively simple utility that could be a great choice for inexperienced users who wish to find and remove duplicates without too much fuss. It can certainly get the job done, but it lacks a few important features.