Having a pretty looking support for your presentations can help you make a proper first impression. This can be done with images, videos, slideshows, as well as collages. Using various applications such as Grid Collage Maker you can create custom collages from scratch with images from your computer.

The application runs in a modern, yet simple interface which allows you to quickly accommodate. An upper toolbar is fitted with all available features, emphasized by intuitive icons.

One of the first steps is to select image files to work with. However, you can only do so from the dedicated menu, with no possibility to simply drag desired items over the main window.

Moreover, as the name suggests, elements are arranged in a grid over the background. This can be set to a color or even a custom image file. Accessing the template menu lets you select a different arrangement, depending on the number of imported images.

Unfortunately, the application forbids you from carefully moving images around, but only positioned to display different aspects in their dedicated space.

The only method you can personalize the collage, is by making use of provided options, such as swapping two pictures or replacing one completely.

Additionally, the size of your collage can be set, but only to one of the available presets, with no possibility to input custom values. Furthermore, your work cannot be directly printed out on a sheet of paper, only to save to file and as a projetct for later editing.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Grid Collage Maker is a straightforward application with limited features you can take advantage of. It properly functions and you manage to easily squeeze a decent result. However, it does not fully live up to its potential, leaving a little something to be desired overall.