The Internet is filled with all sort of applications and programs that you could use in order to stay organized. One of them is Grocery List Organizer.

It's a neat software solution that helps you create grocery lists on your computer and even estimate the total cost. You can add items easily and export the list to a text file so you can take it with you to the store.

The application sports a really fluent and clean graphical interface with multiple tools and features that you could use in order to create grocery lists.

However, it would have been nice if it came with some customization options or a tool for changing the color of the program and making it more appealing. The free version only allows you to add 50 items on the list and it prints the grocery list with a watermark.

You can add various items easily, it allows you to create a store database with various products, units and their prices. Whenever, you want to create a grocery list, simply load the file that contains items from the store that you intend to shop in.

It allows you to browse through departments, including baby, diary, frozen foods, health and beauty, grocery, pharmacy, produce and meats. Simply pick an item and add it to your list. It calculates the tax rate automatically and make a total of how much you would pay on your groceries.

It comes with the option to save the list to your computer, as a template for the next time that you shop. You can also print it easily and take the list with you to the store. It comes with a feature that allows you to generate reports on your groceries, so you could see which items you buy the most often.

All in all, Grocery List Organizer is a very useful application that helps you create grocery lists on your computer and take them with you to the store. It automatically calculates the total cost, which also includes tax rates.