If you're online most of the time, you might have a favorite way of accessing your content and browsers are not shy in providing you with several ways of doing so: bookmarks, organizers and built-in quick access perks.

However, sometimes even vanilla is too... vanilla for our tastes, which leads us to discover more convenient ways to achieve our goals. Group Speed Dial is one of these ways we've been mentioning. Needless to say, since it's a Chrome extension, it requires Chrome to be installed on your PC.

Once you launch the application, you'll be prompted by a greeting message that lets you access a short introduction video in which the main features are presented, configure the grid size of your speed dial, import content from Speed Dial and pick a color theme.

Now there are two basic ways you can populate the speed dial: the first one is letting it analyze your browsing behavior and assign content to each tab on its own or click each tab and fill the required data in the designated fields.

Once you have your content ready, you can access it by simply left-clicking the website you want to visit. Right-clicking an entry, however, spawns a context menu where you can open a website in a new tab, edit the dial, copy the link location, refresh the tab automatically or by visiting the page and clearing content.

Whether you want to edit an existing dial or create a new entry, you'll want to give it a title and set a link to the desired page. As a bonus, you can assign notes to each tab, create groups for easier management and even assign it a custom thumbnail from a file or URL.

Aside from letting you configure the tabs however you like, this extension also provides you with an extensive configuration window that lets you adjust several parameters to fit them to your liking.

You can configure general options, but also ones regarding the dials, groups, background, thumbnails, shortcut keys, context menu and importing or backing up content.

All in all, if you've had enough of Chrome's default speed dial, you might as well replace it with Group Speed Dial, since it enables you to customize every little detail about your content in an easy way.