Spending a lot of time browsing on the Internet is usually a rewarding activity, but it can also get quite frustrating especially when you need to access something quickly and are impaired.

That's why specialized third-party software solutions such as Group Speed Dial for Firefox were created, so that you can achieve your goals without making too many compromises.

First things first, as its name suggests, this application is actually an extension for Firefox, so it's needles to say that in order to get it running on your computer, you need to provide it with a supported version of Firefox.

This application's purpose is to replace your browser's built-in Speed Dial, so that you can customize each tile to its finest detail, making you able to access your content in a most convenient manner.

When you start the application you are greeted by a friendly introduction message that lets you view a YouTube video on how this application works, enables you to change the size of the grid as you see fit, import data from Speed Dial and change the theme's color.

After the initial configuration is done, you can either let Group Speed Dial for Firefox do its work by observing your browsing behavior and populating the tiles by itself or modifying them manually.

Creating or editing an entry from the speed dial can be done by right-clicking it and selecting the "Edit Dial" option. Here you can assign a name to the dial you're currently focusing on and setting a link to the page it can access. Leaving notes and organizing them in groups is optional but highly encouraged.

Thumbnails can also be customized by either loading a file from your computer or providing the extension with a valid URL. This tool also features a rich configuration menu where you can change settings related to dials, groups, background image, thumbnails, shortcut keys, context menu and importing or backing up content.

All in all, if you've had it with Firefox's default Speed Dial and want a little customization for a change, you can safely rely on Group Speed Dial for Firefox. It has everything you need and then some.