Having holidays or days off in your business or enterprise can surely be an issue with the work schedule, especially when dealing with multi-scalar environments, and workflows that span across multiple days. Managing such issues from an email point of view can be challenging, and this is why Office 365 provides dedicated features for such aspects, which address the “out-of-office” days in terms of providing auto-replies, scheduling for those, as well as other details.

Those who rely on such functionality and wish to make the process more effective can rely on specialized tools, such as GroupOOF for Office 365.

This application was designed specifically in order to provide users with means to toggle the status of the out-of-office replies in Office 365 groups mailboxes, and adjust all other related parameters.

Just as with CentralOOF for Office 365, this app shares some of its functionality, and it will also allow you to enable, disable, or schedule the group auto-replies, and adjust the settings for the same mailboxes. And in a similar fashion, you will require to have the Exchange online management module installed, and enable the login to the Exchange Online PowerShell, and the developer has included a detailed tutorial here.