If you are in the habit of listening to online radio stations and often find yourself wishing you could record the songs being played, you may want to try GSA Radio Stream Recorder.

It is a simple and straightforward application, designed to help you capture songs from online streams and save them to your computer as MP3 files.

If you already know which radio station you want to record music from, you can simply enter the stream's URL and add it to the processing list.

However, the application includes a function that allows you to search for new radio stations. All you need to do is select the genre you are interested in to have the program list all the streams that match the specified criteria.

You can view the song that is currently being played, a short description of the station, the number of listeners and the audio bitrate.

The application allows you to add any number of streams and record audio from all of them at the same time. It displays the song currently being played, as well as the duration and size of the saved file.

GSA Radio Stream Recorder automatically downloads and displays information about the song currently being played and saves the data to the MP3 file's ID3 tag.

The program also offers links to the artist's official web page, Facebook profile, Wikipedia page and many other relevant websites.

To avoid downloading songs that you already have, it is possible to set up various filters. These determine whether a particular song should be recorded or ignored when it is being played on a monitored radio station.

You can also import an entire directory that contains songs you do not wish to download.

All in all, GSA Radio Stream Recorder is a simple program that can help you record music from online radio stations. It is easy-to-use, but features a rather outdated interface.