GT Invoice Maker is a finance and business tool designed for helping you create invoices which can be printed.

A wizard-based assistant helps you configure initial database settings. Advanced users may skip this step and tweak the dedicated parameters on their own.

You are allowed to set up your company’s logo, name and address using the built-in designer which lets you insert images, user-defined text, rectangles, lines, and ellipses.

GT Invoice Maker gives you the possibility to add information about items, terms, payment and shipping methods, order number, tax rate and currency, order status, sales representatives, and printing paper format.

The GUI may look a bit overwhelming at a first glance but it provides a well-structure suite of features so you are going to get used to working with its features pretty quickly. There’s also support for a help manual in case you want to find out more about the tool’s capabilities.

GT Invoice Maker gives you the possibility to check out an inventory with all the items included in the database and preview the information before printing it. Adding a new item to the database can be done by providing details about the barcode numbers, supplier, shelf, in-stock, number, description, and unit price.

What’s more, you are allowed to store additional information about each invoice, use different currency symbols, change the tax value, enable the order number system in order to have invoices with different order numbers, and store details about the customers’ addresses.

You can preview and print the invoices, look for invoices in the database by tracking number, email address, customer number, or another criterion, as well as go to the previous, next, first or last invoice from the list. The configuration parameters can be password-protected in order to make sure other users cannot make changes to your settings.

All in all, GT Invoice Maker can be used by small-sized businesses for creating quick and professional-looking invoices without spending too much time setting up intricate and lengthy dedicated parameters.