Guitar and bass professionals surely have their own weapons of choice when it comes to hardware and software tools. Those who are at the beginning of their career or play the instrument as a hobby are surely on the lookout for the best utilities designed to tune their musical instruments and perform other related activities.

Among the many programs dedicated to these purposes, Guitar Rig aims to offer the most convenient choice for most needs of musicians. Having an interface mostly addressed to experienced users, this software app gives quick access to a variety of tools and effects.

With Guitar Rig you can create tones for bass or guitars, not to mention more complex chains of effects. Cabinets and amplifiers with dedicated microphones, as well as modular components that can be combined to obtain the perfect sound are available inside this utility, among many others.

The effect configurations can be customized and, thanks to a preset browser that is tag-based, you can easily get to the desired components. Building the effect chains is also easier than expected because Guitar Rig allows you to simply drop the pieces that make up the whole puzzle.

There are some built-in tools that can help you in many situations. For instance,  the program includes a metronome with various settings for audio synchronization, in addition to a tuner and preset volume with "dry" and "wet" options. Plus, the two tape-decks bundled in Guitar Rig are practical when it comes to playback and sound recording.

All things considered, the application is certainly suited for all kinds of guitar and bass enthusiasts. It comes with a variety of powerful features that will help you learn how to create music and fine-tune sounds using resourceful and intuitive tools.