Guitar Studio is a powerful tool set for the musicians playing guitar and related intruments. With Guitar Studio you can easily improve your playing skills, edit tablatures and play audio and video files.

Here are some key features of "Guitar Studio":

■ Easy and intuitive tablature edition

■ Many effects, bars, etc...

■ Transposition, chord diagrams, texts, etc...

■ Cut, Copy and Paste

■ Play the tablature and view it on the neck

■ Play using a MIDI device

■ Importation from ASCII (Internet TAB files, TXT, ...) and MIDI files

■ Exportation to ASCII and MIDI files

■ Hight quality printing

■ All possible chords

■ In there 10 best positions

■ Play using a MIDI device

■ Copy to another program (ClipBoard, WordPad, ...)

■ Print

■ Configurable chord computation

■ 16 types of chords, 47 scales, 22 modes, in to the 12 tones

■ Automatic identification of a chord, scale, or mode : just draw the notes that you know are part of the chord, the scale or the mode!

■ All over the neck

■ Play using a MIDI device

■ Copy to another program (ClipBoard, WordPad, ...)

■ Print

■ Many predefined instruments

■ Play using a MIDI device

■ Select tempo and time signature

■ Play using a MIDI or an Audio device

■ View the current time

■ High accuracy

■ Draw on the neck the notes of the scale

■ Harmonization mode: compute the chords based on the drawn scale

■ Identification mode: identify the chord, scale or mode drawn

■ Simple and easy to use interface

■ Play "wav", "mid" and "avi" files


■ 30 days trial.

■ Nag screen.

■ Not all chords are available.